Sportster Dry Clutch Tips . . .

1. 3/16" from top of spring cup to bottom of spring retainer
is good starting point for adjustment.
Equal distance on every stud.
- Pull Clutch(disengage) and you should be able to rotate 
outer pressure plate with your hand 
(sometimes it's a little hard to) 
but you should still be able to rotate it.  
If not, back off nuts a bit.
2. Use 2 cups or 1/2 quart of oil
3. I like Belray Gear Oil 75W or 85W
4. Keep bike parked up-right to help keep oil
out of clutch basket. (wood under kickstand) when parked
for long periods of time . . .
5. If your oil pump check ball leaks, it will seep into
primary - over filling it . . . need to keep Raybestos
plates dry and free of oil.
6. I pinch off oil feed-line from oil tank when
parked for long periods to eliminate oil filling
lower end and seeping into primary.

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