1 Million People - Sturgis 75th

I talked to Alva & Irene (my Sturgis landlords) last night.  They always fill me in on the latest gossip, city council meetings, news, etc. about the city of Sturgis.  Politics, money, big money, corporate money.  I've got to be honest with you.  It's there.  But, the true spirit of this rally is there too.  Alive and well as the day Pappy Hoel and the Gypsies devised this plan to have a rally, races and ride in those beautiful hills.  The stunt man Doug Danger will attempt to succeed in a jump that Knievel failed (on the very same motorcycle) - so that should be interesting . . . and the chics seem interested in what I have to say, so that's cool.


Hux said...

1,000,002 my wife and I will there!!

SheaZilla said...

See you there!