Dean's '32

I don't know a whole lot about hot-rods . . . but, if I could have any car in the world, it would probably be this one !  Not all cut-to-hell . . . it's just perfect.  1955 Cadillac motor, manual transmission . .  If only I had a ka-billion dollars . . . but some things just aren't for sale.  I cautiously talked with Barris (and his old buddy mostly) at SEMA one year looking at all the customs, and he told me they all call 'em period right, or old time traditional, but he never remembered everything havin' a cut off top.  It's hard to add material once it's gone.  Chopped tops - The new billet?

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Caterpillarnut said...

They're absolutely the new billet and I hate it whenever some knuckle-dragger cuts a survivor up.