Good Day for Panheads . . . LED SLED

I guess the more I ride these panheads - be it a rigid, hand shift, stripped chopper with narrow bars . . . or a late model, dressed, Electra Glide with cushy suspension, wide bars and windscreen . . . the more I like them.  That whirr of the motor is such music to my ears . . . no other motor sounds like a panhead.  Not really sure what causes that whirring either?  Most likely the thin, hollow rocker covers?  Or a combination of hollow covers, rocker design and gear drive generator cases. I always run the felt pads, and they supposedly quiet down the sound, and get soaked with oil, and keep parts lubed and wet with motor oil.  Who knows?  H-D factory parts experimentation continued with model after model on many engines - like the "intake oiler tubes."  Most panhead engines I disassemble don't have them in there anymore, and if they do, the little check ball is stuck - so useless.  Or it's completely broken off, laying in the bottom around a valve spring collar.  The panhead can be the prettiest motor, or the ugliest.  The most oiled out, rat-out pan chopper is the scariest bike ever . . . parked next to a gleaming chrome daydream of a '65 Electra Glide, in Vivid Black or Hi-Fi Blue.  It's up to you.

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