Got it running . . .

I just couldn't get it initially started with the velocity stack and the choke ball.  It just kept poppin' out the carb(advanced condition) no matter where I retarded the timing.  I finally put the stock choke set-up on it, and she took right off.  It sounds tough.  I let it barely warm up and cool a few times.  Kept starting on the first kick each time.  I've been running it on and off the last 24 hours.  No smoke.  No oil leaks.  It had one small fuel leak out the hi-speed brass nut, so I dried it all up, and used some classic Indian Head - and it's dry now.  Man, she sounds tough.  Did I already say that ?
Engine Specifications:
Stock stroke flywheels 
Dynamically balanced by Irish at Lakeshore H-D
Linkert DC-10 bored to H-D Racing Specs w/ No. 4 Main
XLR intake manifold
MC 10:1 Forged Pistons +.040
P Series Intake Cams
PB Series Exhaust Cams
H-D XLR Cylinder Heads
Custom Timed Oil Pump Breather Gear
Raybestos Dry Clutch (shimmed stock springs)
20T Trans Sprocket - 34T Engine Sprocket
Fairbanks-Morse Magneto w/ Morris Points and FM Condensor
Solid Copper Core Plug Wires
Autolite 65 Long Reach Spark Plugs
XLR Chrome Exhaust Pipes