Progress ?

This giant hole is where many memories took place over the years in my town.  The Union House Hotel foundation is uncovered after almost 100 years.  Ray's Pastime was here.  Nockel's Shoe StoreCowell's Tap.  Ma's Place.  Tom's Tavern.  and now Aroma's Parkade . . . all gone.  It was vacant the last 20 years until the city decided to sell the land (it was home of our July 4th celebration refreshment tent and dance). Now, we'll have McQuillen Place which seems to be some rich guys pipe dream to honor his relative who doesn't even have a street named after him here.  A klunky sounding name too.  Does the guy building it even live here?  I've never see him at morning coffee?  It will house a bunch of (most likely) expensive apartments, and it better not have a coffee shop.  We already have vacant buildings on Main Street we can't fill.  Nobody's really saying much about it, I don't feel any excitement in the air among the civic minded. I'm one to preserve heritage, save old stuff, offer more incentives to start a business in a current location.  Higher taxes to owners of unoccupied buildings on Main Street. Get a business in there, or you pay more, period.  Don't want to be a Debbie Downer here, but I just hope it brings something to offer our city, other than a fake looking facade with an overpriced product - and more empty business spaces. 

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