Rick's Run No. 10

I've had 9 rides in a row, then waited 5 years for this 10th (don't ask me why, just kinda tired I guess?) I always invite a variety of riders from young(newbies) to old.  I'm waiting at the gas station, the weather is overcast and foggy(but warm) and a chance of storms by late afternoon.  It's now 9:30am and this ride is scheduled to leave in 15 minutes, and I'm thinking nobody will show, and I'll just go home.  Oh, well.  

But wait . . . I hear a bike, then another . . . It's kinda funny, whenever the weather is a little suspect, it's always these same "old-time" riders (mostly now all 60+ and yes, 70+ years old) that show up and keep you on your toes.  Real riders who've been doing it the longest.  A little heavy fog, chance of rain, wind, cold, etc . . . won't deter this group.  They just want to ride . . . and we did just that.  Fog, then a bit of wind, then clouds, then SUNSHINE !  It was a great trip, everyone out havin' fun on motorcycles with all the beautiful scenery . . . and the stories are the best partIf you're ever looking for a place to ride and eat in southern Minnesota, go check out Stumpy's in Rushford - great food and great roads to ride on . . . Thanks to Gary & Judy, Russ & Raylene, Peters & Co, Frosty, Jamie, Booger, Killer Carter, Wally, Pete & Kory(for a beer) . . . and for the first time ever - my Mom, Dad and my sister Betsy all rode together.  Kinda cool.
See you all soon gang ! . . . -Ricky Noot 

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