Minnesota Delivery (with instructions)

I take the passenger seat out and use the seat-mount studs to bolt the motor down.  Then I put a couple ratchet straps on it, then finally use the passenger seat belt.  That should hold it.  So now I can drive down the road lookin' at this beautifully rebuilt "Krusty" knuckle motor sitting next to me.  Awesome patina.  This particular engine didn't have the tiny "air inlet" holes in the intake cups . . . hmmm?  I guess if it over oils the top end, a guy could always add the 1/16"(.040 to .060) holes to aid in suction?  Anybody know what I'm talking about?  Maybe restrict that upper oil line where it comes from the gear cover?  You dig?  You there?  A guy can move the rocker shafts . . . adjust those?  I started with base settings and will inform the owner of these possibilities. Instructions for oil pumping and break-in . . . always included.