On the run . . . Monticello, Iowa

It was good to be on the black '64 ironhead again . . . a two day trip through Iowa back country.  Small towns, hometown bars, cheese burgers, canned beer and tent campin' with Al & Bill at the J&P Cycles Open House Party.  This event really ain't my scene, but it's always a good time for some reason?

The party and camp was fun . . . rode in heavy rain on the way home. Al was going to enter his custom shovel chopper in the Vintage Show on Sunday. 
Summertime in Iowa means outdoor concerts . . . great rock from Tom Keifer (who is one of the best you'll ever see - voice and music is spot on - Best Performance of 2015 so far . . .

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lucky23design said...

Damn, your XLH is perfect.