A fast lady on a moped . . . .

I can't figure out my bike.  It starts ok.  I can get it to idle.  On the kickstand, it idles, seems responsive.  I don't want to rev it too much (new motor) not broken in yet.  I can poke it into gear and start up the street . . . and as soon as I begin to accelerate - it starts (pretty violently) poppin' out the carb.  pop pop pop spit spit spit - Doesn't pop out the pipes.  Just the carb.  As soon as it's kinda "under a load" it starts doing it. WTF?
I've tried the following - with no change in the results
- Pushrods set (checked twice)
- Timing set (ran at different settings, no change)
- 2 different carbs with all types of 
different jetting (no change)
- Checked wire continuity
- Checked spark plugs (non-resistor) 0 ohms - perfect
- New fuel (twice)
- No Intake Leaks
I just changed the condenser this morning 
(but haven't tried it yet )
Maybe a have a cam that's off ?
Next thing will be the degree wheel I guess ?
Last night I was running (kinda idling) along in 2nd gear, and I noticed a lady on a moped was behind me.  I went to accelerate and speed up a bit, and the bike started popping out the carb - so she just pulled out and passed me.  Probably the only time a lady on a moped passed an XR/XLR performance motorcycle.  What an embarrassment.  As soon as I get this thing figured out, I want a rematch.  This sucks.


Kevin Hogan said...

You need to do a leak down, sounds like a bent intake valve to me.

Noot said...

Did that first(with intake leak check as mentioned when I switched carbs) but you're right. The only way is if the valve is open. I've been gettin all the tools out - just ain't finding the problem - drinkin beers, lookin' at it. Can't break any more if I'm not riding it !