Full Tilt Weekend

Rode up to Rochester after work Friday to watch Darrel wire up his FXRT Sturgis Runner.  No pics yet (it's a secret build) but just wait til' you see this thing jam by in the left lane . . . pretty cool Hux.  They kept me hydrated and fed and I hit the road Sat am for JB's Custom Cycle in Pine Island . . . then met Pat's rebel riders for the run to Full Tilt !
JB's Sportster is really cool . . . a hardcore Evo urban weapon.

Shea(left) threw together this and blasted up from KC at 90+ . . . 
Irish Luck for him everytime.
Panhead Steve said the pan is running great (Hi Susan !)
Bravetown is everywhere (nice talkin' with you bro . . .)
Yours was one of my favorites . . .

Really bitchin' iron showed up . . . This is a really great show, everything rode in on it's own with pistons jumpin' and pipes smokin'. . . . great show, great food, music . . . and the door prizes and trophies ain't too shabby either.  Perfect day.  Full Tilt Chopper Show 2015

Kenny made it !  
(the next photo would get me a XXX rating -couldn't print it)
We really missed Michael - 
and we hope Zeus gets better soon for more great years.
This ironhead had neato paint - I dig Orange.
"Yes dear, my Triumph made it, and it's runnin' great - don't worry."

This Panhead - One of my Favorites

 Another one of my favorites !
Someday we'll all be riding these - smart fella - cool bike dude !
ADVICE:  If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
Zach's shovel must run great due to rusty spark plugs.
This chopper is rad . . .

Baas & Co
Don't be fooled by grease and dirt . . . these suckers run.
Minnesota backroad burners . . . !
 Show n Go n Sunflowers 
 Union Speed Crew ( nice iron Jordan !)
Joe (Minnesota Joe) always gives me the time.  We noticed our chops have a lot in common like the Pipes, Gear Cover, E Carb, Box Light, Tank, etc.  Joe and Pete and Zach, Kevin's . . all do a super job with Full Tilt.  Lots of volunteer work goes into it, and they do a great job.  Thanks for all your efforts and puttin' on a great show for all of us to enjoy.  See ya'll soon.  
With much respect:  -Noot

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