Red Helmet

The red helmet - one of his best trademarks . . . 
I wonder who has it?
Shortened XLR pipes (about -2 to 3")
Rear brake direct by aluminum arm (hand made)
Seat bracket bars
Struts (no shocks)
Road race front drum brake
Huge fuel line (nitro)
Modified sprocket cover
Solid bars on lower tree
High Gear Only - Slip Clutch . . . Rocket away like no tomorrow
Rear slick is hot & sticky
Wonder how many cubes it is? 
Lions Dragway (pre 1972)
I can just hear race announcer Larry Huffman . . .
"Check that watch, Iowa's Payne just shucked a 169.66 mph in his first pass of the day . . .
look out Brits, King Leo is here and coming for you . . . wowza !"


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