Review: Simpson Street Bandit

I bought this new helmet at Sturgis this year direct from the California Simpson Distributor.  I have tested it through various conditions - and I like it so far.  Size: XL (61mm) and it fits like it should.  The helmets come with narrower cheek pads if it's too tight(which I liked better).  The shield can be removed with a dime or small flat blade.  There's more room between the mouth guard so you can get your hand up in the front to adjust your glasses, itch your nose, whatever (I like that option) without opening the shield.  There's an cam-type adjustment for the shield closure (I like that too) - so you can change the pressure required to open and close the shield.  The shields are extra thick, and they are very scratch proof (since I clean the bugs with the windshield squeegee at many stops).   Light weight too.  The true test with any helmet is how it does in wind and rain.  This thing is almost unaffected by wind.  I think the small "lip" on the bottom front has something to do with it . . . it keeps your head down - similar to a downward ground effects spoiler.  I can look around and it don't get ripped off my head.  I really like it.  Snell Approved.
Stickers from Jeff, Denver Dan 
and Scott Sjovall (S&S) . . . 
My rating: 9.1 of possible 10
I've noticed people see me a bit sooner with the White Helmet too . . . 

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