STURGIS "The 75th" - 2015

I wasn't real ready for Sturgis this year . . . I had a couple glitches with the panhead, etc.  I got my shit together and hit the highway with Dad, Tommy Rice(from California) and Kike.  I try to run 75mph so their big inch 100+ motors can stretch a bit.  Mandatory stop at the Wagon Wheel !  Interior, South Dakota

Always share your cheese This macaroni & cheese with bacon bits . . . mmmmmm good.
The Michael Lichter Show was killer as usual.  It's great for Michael to gather up all these builders and showcase their talents.  The food is always excellent - and the perfect time to hook-up with everyone for the week.  Me & Hux check'd out the show - then hit downtown Sturgis to party like a 49 year old . . .

Hux and his bros got kinda wild at The Dungeon - the house party with the South Africans was kinda crazy too . . . That was fun.
 It's only Sunday - 5 days to go . . . Holy shit it's tough to be a biker.
I was beat.
MONDAY MORNING - Let's check the schedule:
 I make a spreadsheet schedule, I wouldn't want to miss anything.

 Darrel's tricked out FXRT runs parts from S&S, Thunderheader and Race-Tech suspension.  He follows the AMA circuit real close, so we went down and had a talk with Mees, Baker & Kenny to see how to beat the Kawasaki . . . Mees outfoxed Coolbeth with a quick start to take the National Tues Nite in Rapid City !

I hook up with Shea and Shannon at the Drag Strip and we proceed to drink beer,
hang out, rock out with Mothership(twice), spray sunscreen on each other - and see some killer bikes for the next 3 days . . . Awesome time with you both - really super cool.  It was fucking awesome !

After a long, hot day of great rock-n-roll and riding . . . I took Tuesday off and went to find Irish Rich, Denver Dan and Chopper Dave at the Speed Merchant booth in City Park.  SM(Speed Merchant) has expanded their company and products since the last time I talked with Dan.  Everywhere you looked, SM was well represented - and the builds that Brawny & Crew have put together with the new H-D 750s are so bad freaking ass.

Irish Rich, Denver Dan . . . and Fish(Dan Gurney) chill and jive.

Irish Rich (his bike pictured above) won the Street Chopper Winner Take All and the
Cycle Source Show with his totally rad custom built - Dick Allen wheel'd - Jesse James chopped and
modified El Diablo and CFL frame (by JJ himself).  Real sweet bike Rich.  Great hangin' with you and Steve and hope to see you again real soon . .  -Noot
Me and Taime Downe(Faster Pussycat) chillin' in the grass.
He's put over 60,000 miles on his twin cam so far . . .
This dude rocks and rides !
He'll come and rock Charles City whenever. . .
Fuckin' Aye Dude . . . nice talkin' with ya.
Like I always say . . .
Where There's a Whip, There's a Way !
 Thursday morning I thought I'd run by the fairgrounds and see if anybody showed for the Hooligan Half Mile and right next to the gate, here's Fatty and the FTWCO crew with his rider Jordan Baber, ready to make a go of it with their 10 day Flat Track Sportster Build.  
This bike had borrowed pieces from about everybody.  Race tech parts off Brad's own Dyna.  You may even recognize the pipes (I did) . . . A conglomeration of race & street parts.  Jordan is a great rider, and he was pumped to try it out . . . that's when shit started breaking.  And falling off.  Then electrical problems.  We all had to work on it after every practice session.  Fellow racers are lending parts - but shit just keeps happening.  Jordan wanted to ride so bad, but more gremlins.  It was looking grim.
When the bike ran . . . Jordan looked fast and smooth.  He said it was handling great.  After messin' with a fuck'd up sprocket (the gear he wanted) - it was almost perfect.  Then the pipes broke again - this time it was really broke - and the bike was running like shit.  The first heat race is at 7pm - It's 5:45 in Sturgis, everything is closing.  Fatty taped a license plate on the race bike, I tied parts to the panhead - and we set out looking for a guy to weld this pipe.   Gypsie Vintage Cycle was closing for the day . . . but this way cool cat named Curtis said he'd give his welding a try - and fix the pipe.  It wasn't pretty, but we'll see if it will hold?  Trying to work on a hot bike, in the heat, and replace the pipe (still hot) was a challenge.

When we got back to the track, the real problems started . . . popping, banging engine - ignition problems - and then we discovered it wasn't charging - which ain't real good considering it runs an electronic ignition.  Shit.  The exhaust now ran only one muffler, since the other one fell off.  What a cobbled mess.
 Fatty's Go-Pro was the next thing to fall off.  $300 trampled by Maxxis !  Shit.
It started running decent after Chopper Dave suggested we make a wire, jump the battery directly to the coil and run it "hot all the time" to bypass all the switches & circuit breakers . . . after we made up a connector spade to cut the power, to shut off the bike.  Jordan went out and won his heat, solidly - going away.  Now for the Main Event.  (but after a charging check(it's not chargingNow a total-loss battery system with electronic ignition !  Hope it can last 20 laps ??? !!!! )

Well folks, the rest is history.  JB got the holeshot, and checked out - he put-it-on-cruise control for the win.  Iowa over California - but he needed the help of California to pull it off.  The neatest thing about racing, everybody helping each other, borrowing parts, lending parts . . . and it never hurts to have a hot shoe rider like Jordan Baber.  His ol' man Terry will sure be proud.  Thanks fellas - it was the highlight of my trip.
Hat's off to Speed Merchant for all the promotion and all the other sponsors too - the stands were packed and the beer chics were very very hot . . . Whew !
The hot dogs were delicious . . .

More photos of Sturgis coming up this week !

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