Fort, Jeri, Lucas, Auburn, Dorado

Above are short names used by local folks to describe small towns and inhabitants.  I got my frame fixed again, and was eager to ride.   A perfect day jammin' down some of the most beautiful roads in the state.  Golden crops, harvest and small town bars with local chat.  Clear your mind and light your soul . . but, stay alert for tractors and wagons !

Fort Atkinson.  A fort built to protect the Sac & Fox tribes from the Sioux.  Now groups of buckskinners operate behind it's walls.  I know a few personally, so I stopped in for pickled onions and mushrooms.  Smoke for peace.  Trade carbon steel knives.

On to Gunder for superb burgers & American Fries . . .
I met up with some locals for in-depth discussions on a variety of subject matter
at a tavern in "Brick City"

Found a new place off Hwy 18 near Hawkeye . . . Country Chrome.
After my knife throwing lesson at the Fort, I was anxious to try my new skills and found I'm very good at something !  Throwing knives !  A couple dudes who had too much beer were certain I had American Indian blood in my heritage . . .

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