Read, Attempt, Build, Ride, Repeat

Late night indexing cam timing.  Trying to get our old system rigged up to check the cam timing on a mismatched set of KHK cams.  I have Tom Sifton notes to advance the intakes 2-teeth for an extra 4-5 horsepower?  On the first check, it appeared I had about .650 lift?  What?  Then we realized the dial indicator we are using was in millimeters.  Then we realized Bake must have the degree wheel?  We'll figure it it out later - I got all winter. 
I've been riding my digger lately.  For a stroker motor with an L-Series . . . it starts nice, and really gets you around town quick.  It was a beautiful Iowa night, 10:30pm with lightning flashing, but no rain.  I went out on a blacktop and ran it thru the gears - with lightning in the night sky Kinda surreal . . .
The next morning, I switched bikes - took the long way around, through a park, down a trail . . . and off to morning coffee.  Fun to ride . . . but, "You Can't Go Far On An XR"  What a little animal this thing is.  It's like riding a wild cat.  You just want to twist the throttle and rev it . . . make it snarl.
Paint: Chad Clapper
Motor: Rick & Noot
Parts: Gordy, the Benassi Bros., John Penner
Swap Meet Randy, Biltwell, Sudco, Corso, Joe Hunt, H-D oem
Tech Advice: Jeff Wiley & Carl Patrick
Inspiration: Mert, Cal, Markel and E.K.

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