Tillotson - Made in USA

My dad ran these carbs for quite a few years since there really wasn't anything else.  He said they actually worked really good.  I restored this one for a little-o-nothing.  No float bowl.  I guess you can leave that vent open if you want(don't have to run to fuel tank) - and they have an accelerator pump.  You can make a tickler for the bottom if you want.  The most expensive part is the diaphragm gasket.  The most difficult part is Tillotsons have a zillion tiny parts, springs, o-rings, etc . . .  The carb was $10 - I got like $30 in it - and it's worth $200 to right guy.  The insulator spacer block was originally silver painted (as is).  I'd like to try it on something, since you never seen them on anything.  Gain respect from your elders . . . with a grabber, snapper clutch, spool front, 30 over - runnin' a Tillotson, or a Lake or Posa . . .  or ?

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