Air & Spark & Space

This motor will run a modified breather, with ramp and elongated slot to get that air moving quicker with improved velocity and less restriction (vs. a breather with stock screen and no ramp).  You'll noticed a bevel gear attached to the end of the (Andrews BH Cam) which will drive "Dual Magnetos" in this specially designed gear cover.  The magneto drive gear is held to the camshaft via screw, similar to attaching a set of advance weights.

The 2 magnetos will rotate in opposite directions, so I assume one will have a reverse-type cam mechanism?  Another thing that came to mind . . . Timing is most accurate when all the gears are going in the "forward" engine rotating direction - and now we'll have a timing mechanism(a magneto) rotating in the opposite direction, with opposing forces on one small gear, held in by one small pin, and a small screw.  Usually a cam carries the drive gear in the center of the cam, with bushing support on the end-of-the-cam . . . and in this case, the cam gear is kinda hangin' out there on it own, now trying to turn double the load.  This design must work, or they wouldn't sell it, right?  If nothing else . . . it's gonna look cool !
After some dowel pin modification, and a bit of alignment issues . . . our dual-mag gear cover fits correctly.  We try to keep cam-end-play to the minimum side of specs., since accurate timing is all reliant on the mag drive gear. Some manufacturers say .001 to.007 . . . others more.  These aftermarket cams can grow when hot . . . to be safe, keep it close for timing - but not too close.  Our trusty Last Word Dial Indicator indicated end play of .005 after a few minor adjustments.  We'll go with that.

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