Andrews #1 Cam: REVIEW

This cam works very well in 74" Panhead with 8.5:1 compression cast pistons, S&S Super E with straight pipes.  I measured the new Andrew's cam gear pitch, and it was bigger than my other cam (I pressed it off, and swapped it from my other cam).  The length and journal size was the same as my aftermarket Sifton 412 (dated 1973).

The motor starts the same.  The idle is a bit smoother.  Slightly more valve-train noise, but it's that good kind of solid tappet noise. I can feel more bottom end torque.  No "blapping" out the pipes.  I don't feel the "hit" of the cam coming on (like the Sifton), but I think it's because it's pulling earlier, power is more consistent and sooner, so you don't feel the hit in the mid-range, 'cause you're already kinda there - if you get my drift?  I like it.  It's also a little quieter out the pipes if you want it . . . I mean easier to get it in that "quiet" range with the motor . . . like when I'm coming home late and don't want to wake the neighbors . . .

I went for a high-end speed run on an open road - up to 105mph (they said) and it was still pulling - felt good on the top.

Even though it's designed as a cam grind for "low compression motors" . . . I don't have any pinging or detonation problems with regular fuels.   
I'd recommend this ANDREWS No. 1  for any stock or slightly modified panhead motor. 

Cam Specs:  Intake 16/36  Exhaust 36/16  Overlap 32  
                   Lift: 450(Pan)  Dur: 232

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Kevin Anderson said...

Cool! Thanks for the review.