Influence and Inspiration

This motorcycle was raced by Larry Weiss.  I first saw it on the auction block, and now I've been told it now hangs by chains in some California custom shop.  It was my inspiration for my KHK Project - Kinda a KR with rear loop, but a rear brake.  I really like riding my '52K, handles well, a little under-powered, but you learn how to use that power.  It's actually pretty quick in town.  I thought if I had something like the K-Model with a lower center of gravity and a little more power, little less weight - I could maybe run some of this vintage stuff - indoor syrup, a little dirt, maybe some ice?  You just need 3 sets of wheels, special tires on each.  You need a carb(on the left) that can fall off without breaking the cylinder spigots. You need some boots, pads, leather pants would be nice.  I had all this stuff once in my lifetime, but it's so expensive to relive your youth.  Buy it all again.  Just to spend about $100 in gas, $25 to enter, $25 in food, $20 in beer - to get a 4th place trophy made from a worn out motor sprocket and a burnt piston.  Make sure my health insurance is paid - and I have my card in my pocket.  Take an Advil before bed.

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lucky23design said...

Maybe take two Advil(: