Blizzard of Ozz

There are thousands of different types of snow.  This was the blowing, "sting your face" snow.  It was already a foot deep, late into the night.  I had a beer . . . and needed to pee outside.  Well, here goes.  I was facing the wrong way a little - and that snow was stinging Nice to have a heated shop with a couple projects.
I fired up some CDs.  Nebula, Fu, Motorhead, Faster Pussycat, Great White, Bullet Boys, LA Guns and some Blizzard of Ozz.  An old friend came by and we chatted & jammed while I worked.
 I got some cylinders bored +.060 over. Piston Size was 3.4965.  It was dark and windy, but not real cold.  Probably around 27F.  Real life Star Wars type shit out here . . . Nebula vibes . . .
Worked on my frame too . . . Vintage Flat Track 
I was up this morning at 4:45am with the sound of local trucks with blades pushing snow.  My street always gets plowed first by the city, usually done by 6:00am.  My driveway was drifted shut big time (almost got stuck), but the Super Dodge broke free.  I had to park at the local Kwik Star station since no vehicles on the streets during "snow alerts."  I walked down this morning and got my coffee while my truck warmed up.  A couple tired travelers (license Arkansas) were sleeping in their idling Lexus.  I walked home and fired up my vintage, early 70s dual stage snow blower with it's tired 6hp motor.  2nd pull it was running so I did the whole block, drive and walkways - went into the house and did this post.  I feel energized from this morning outdoor winter workout.  Fresh air gets that heart pumpin' . . .

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