Early Knuckle Case Race TECH:

When installing an updated style Left Case Race . . . I add the oiling hole, where a hole never existed.  The first thing I do is measure on the inner case insert where the oil will meet the new oil hole in the race.  Then I die grind a small spot (like center punching) where my drill bit will start, and drill a hole about 1/4 deep (with my chuck about touching the case).  Try to keep the angle (as minimal) as possible.
Next, I set up the case at about a 45-50 degree angle, and drill a 3/8" (approx. depth) hole to connect to my previous oil hole . . . so the oiling now works like the oiling on a panhead case . . . and we can use the modern sprocket shaft seal now . . . using this "late model-updated" case race.

I add a little oil-catcher bevel around the hole to help grab the lube to feed my new rollers . . . McFarland has already indicated in this insert, and bored the diameter for a clean, proper press fitment of our new race.
Simple procedures . . . but sometimes nerve racking . . . Don't fuck it up !

Sometimes I wonder if this trade, these procedures I've been trying to learn the last few years will eventually be lost and forgotten.  There's like all kinds of different things I could be doing with my life and time (still hip about time) . . . but, I feel I'm helping save a part of American-Made manufacturing that has a huge part in the glorious past of American Motorcycles, especially those wonderful years that Harley-Davidson was manufacturing an engine that would become so popular, that 70+ years later . . . youths in their 20s, 30s and early 40s were breakin' their backs and their bank accounts just to acquire one of these motors. 

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