Novice #14 National #23

A Michigan native, Atherton's grandfather was a BSA dealer who taught Kevin's dad the ropes of motorcycles and mechanics.  This family has many years of two-wheeled experience.
This "new kid" Kevin was really fast, fearless and smooth.  Kevin and his older brother Brian are both accomplished motorcycle racers.
Atherton turned pro and was soon offered a "factory ride" with the H-D Team, joining Scott Parker and Chris Carr.  Kevin was third-man . . . and tried his best, often upsetting the Parker/Carr championship battles with wins and podium finishes of his own.
He represented his sponsors and the factory team very well.  Later, Atherton teamed with TCR, Total Control Racing (a team with Ford family money) and continued to add victories.  Kevin Atherton was now a fan favorite.  His skill and determination (after a few serious injuries) didn't go unnoticed by his fans.  Always a threat to win until the end of his racing career.  Or was it?  Atherton can now be found in the pits mentoring other professional riders.
I was talking with an elderly man (at Springfield Red Roof Inn) this year who was from Atherton's neck-of-the-woods.  He followed the Atherton's racing careers.  Knew them personally.  I guess sometime recently 'ol Kevin jumped on a bike at a practice (or ice) weekender . . . and ran at the front of the pack - and about checked out.  Leaving everyone else racing for 2nd . . .

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