Mama Tried Show - Milwaukee 2016

I got there early, early early . . . 
This is the 3rd year for this show.  Excellent venue (the best so far).  The lighting in this old warehouse (top floor) would vary throughout the day and give some awesome lighting to the motorcycles.  It was so cool.  The best was after the sun went down - and the room lit up with chrome & candy Scott and Warren know how to do a weekend of racing, shows, party, food . . . great beer choices . . . holy shit this was just sensory overload everywhere.  Killer weekend in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

I just kept making a big circle, going around and around - and I'd see something different everytime.  I was at the show from about 8:45am until they kicked us out at 10:00pm.  I looked at absolutely every single bike, artwork, photo, paintjob . . . and talked to all the builders, vendors and friends I could, to find how they did it.  I didn't want to go home and miss some of the best people I've ever met in this huge family of custom motorcycle enthusiasts - with a racer and a party animal thrown in here & there . . . This show kicks ass !

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