Sacred Spots

These places are everywhere, but are slowly slipping away from us, due to construction, deterioration and time.  Find a sacred place that holds past history which is dear or interesting to you - and go there.  Civil War battlefields, historic homes, crime scenes, film scenes, music venues . . . all do it for me. 


Chris K said...

Griffith Observatory, Hollywood hills. I use to go there all the time. Hadn't been there in 20 years until recently. It was a quiet place back then. Not so much now. It was crawling with thousands of people and it was an off time on a week day. Probably because it's just about the only place you can go in LA that's free. It was kind of unnerving. Too many people either talking on or taking photos and selfies with their phones.

In a different way, it's a place I use to go that is gone.

Noot said...

Yuk, I know what you mean. If you're like me, once some things get popular, you want to throw out all your stuff. Anymore, I'm terrible about that stuff. You got your originals, and then there's all these repops. I threw out and gave away all my Vans shoes, plaid went to Goodwill. I'm gonna start wearing those 'wingtips' like Leo Payne did, dress shoes all the time - they must be comfortable???? Good to hear from you CK !

Bastard said...

As a 4th generation Californian, in my late 60's...I can tell you that
California is the worst at keeping anything over 20 years...I have to
go out into the Mojave, where some of my family homesteaded to see
anything from our past...I can't even find my childhood house without
a map..The roads are 4 times as wide and filled with folks who have
been in California for about 5 minutes...

When I go to our ancestral home, Ireland...All is as it should be..I
really miss my childhood neighborhood..But it's just not there anymore.

Noot said...

That's crazy - If it wasn't for a tornado in 1968, our town would be about the same as it was . . . we have a lack of buildings & shop space to rent for business, etc.

Team #67 said...

Hey Noot! Send me an email I lost yours. I have that '64 XLCH motor to get to you.