Swap Meet Scores . . . Need Fixin'

I bought some unique parts last weekend . . . at some reasonable prices - BUT, all the parts need workThey all need fixed.  This pig snout kicker has a tight, solid outside bushing which Jeff will locate off and bore the inside for a steel sleeve with a flange.  Press in steel, then bore steel sleeve for the bronze bushing, hone to fit the shaft.  (steel sleeve will resemble the bronze piece pictured)

I picked up these early (E)series S&S flywheels.  S&S flywheels don't have thrust washers at the crank pin.  The wheels are made of a special forged steel, that if everything is set up correctly(key word: correctly) you don't need them.  This set was worn.  McFarland will set this up in a rotary table and machine it so the washer is just flush (or maybe a touch above) the flywheel surface.  He'll do it so the flush washer has a press-fit, I'll stake it, and she'll be good as new !
NOTE: Early pre-1955 motors(loose roller) with no left Timken, flywheel assemblies will move right to left (.012 endplay preferred) with engine revs.  This is why it's important to have the Left & Right case races aligned properly (lapped properly) so the contact made with the thrust washer areas are random and not constant contact on one side or the other.  Keep 'Em Rollin' - Keep 'Em in the Center !  

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