Call in sick tomorrow on your way to Vintage Torque . . .APRIL 29-30

 " . . . . Uhhhh, (in a quiet, raspy voice, talking through a shop towel) this is Robert.  Uh, I don't feel real good today - started last nite. (fake cough)  I think I'm stayin' home today, thank you.  See you Monday."  Then shut the flip-fone and crank the throttle to Vintage Torquefest in Dubuque, Iowa for 2 days of hot rods, custom vintage choppers, flakes, flames, pin-up chics, dirt track rods and bikes, chain racing, swap meet . . . and this eclectic array of killer tunes on multiple stages . . . all for the price of big order of Micky Dees drive up . . . so, skip Mickeys and hit the Dubuque Fairgrounds and have yourself a ball !

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