TECH: Wrist Pin Spiral Lock Tool

This tool will install spiral-style lock rings in the proper manner.  
I use the butt-end of a deep socket to get the spiral keeper ring centered, and down farther inside the sleeve. A small amount of oil smeared on the inside of the sleeve will help the spiral slide a bit better.
Insert the sleeve into the piston: 
(you can see my spiral keeper pushed down in there)
Next, Insert the Driver Piston and use your palm to press the spiral all the way - The sleeve is tapered down, so the spiral with wind up and pop into the wrist pin groove.

 I usually insert a spiral keeper in each piston first.  Then heat the piston a bit, this helps the wrist pin slip right through with ease . . . Don't forget to lube the wrist pin bushing.
 I install the piston with "indented dot on top" (or if it doesn't have the dot) 
with small "fin" on the inside wrist pin boss . . . .
 Install Pin, and Piston - Repeat Procedure.
Using a small, flat blade screwdriver, press down around the top of each keeper, and make sure it's down in the groove.  Since I can't see as good anymore, I take a lighted magnifier and make sure my keeper is fully seated.  This tool works slick - I've installed hundreds of spiral keepers over the years.  They stay in better than snap rings if installed correctly.


Bastard said...

Jeez, you make it look easy..The UL pistons I just put in
a 28 JD use the same pin retainers..It took me 1/2 an hour
using my Teflon sticks and fingers..I hope I never have to
remove the dang spiral locks.

Noot said...

To remove (if the piston is junk anyway) I drill a small hole under the lock and dig the sucker out. 1928 JD - Oh, you rule dude ! Awesome.

Joseph Russo said...

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