Torquefest Dubuque: On My List

Friday, April 29th
5:00pm  Flat Track Motorcycles (Minnesota)
8:30pm  Superchief - Heavy Rock-n-Roll
9:45pm  Koffin Kats - High Energy Psycho

Saturday, April 30th
9:30am  Vintage Flat Track Motorcycles (practice session)
12.45pm  Vintage Flat Track Motorcycles
4:00pm  Dallas Moore Band - Good 'ol Rock (for whiskey drinkin')


J Jeep said...

Hope to see you there.

Noot said...

I'm on the list to get my tooth yanked any day (hopefully soon, this fucker hurts) so hopefully I can make it ? Gauze in my mouth, bitin' on a tea bag, ridin' an ironhead !