XLCH Oil Tank for the KHK Racer

1. It's the early version
2. I paid a very handsome price for it (don't even ask)
3. It was chrome with a sticker on it.
4. I washed it in solvent and gasoline (it was full of metal shavings)
5. I took it to the car wash and stuck the sprayer inside (on soap and rinse)
6  I blew it dry, it air dried for 2 weeks.
7. Then I had it bead blasted (with 150+ psi special beads to strip chrome)
8. Blasting revealed "chrome paint" over areas - and a shotgun slug hole, and buckshot holes hidden under bondo and chrome paint - SHIT !
9. Hawbaker made a special chain plate and tig welded the tank. Fixed all the holes, nice and solid.

After all that . . . I started sanding (80 grit) and applying filler - and sanding and smoothing - and adding more filler. It's starting to look good.  I'd like to have Chad Clapper spray it with sealer, primer - and paint it high gloss black. It will all be worth it . . . so cool are these tanks.
But, it takes a team of technicians !

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lucky23design said...

Man, if that tank could talk, the stories...