20 Years on this Ironhead

I registered this motorcycle in the late Summer of 1996 . . and it's been my main ride ever since.  The last (2)years I rode a panhead on long trips, and the trusty '64 saw a couple 700+ miles trips, but mostly it just sat under a sheet.  Originally built from swap meet parts, backroom parts and a few NOS goodies . . . it was great to be back in the saddle of the Black Sportster last weekend.
I prefer the Delco points (with fiber bushing)
and the Blue Streak condensers
I run the 18" Metzeler ME77 Perfect on stock Borrani Aluminum Rim with stainless spokes.  Just check them periodically and keep them tight. I like the 13 1/2" FLH shocks . . . gets it low for windbreak, and they're heavy-duty for carrying heavy loads for traveling.  

The early staggered mufflers sound great . . . and it's an easy exhaust system to service or remove when out on the road.
I modified a Super B air cleaner backing plate - to fit my Super E.  The air cleaner is thinner (more leg room) and it works well.  I prefer the standard, foam UNI-type filters.  Wash it and spray it down with a lil' filter oil. They are a bit lighter too.  This ironhead has the early 4 gallon (H-Tank) fuel tank for 140+ mile runs.  A Pingel fuel valve keeps fuel flowing for those 80+ mph semi-trailer passing lane bursts of speed.  Lead, Follow or Get-The-F&%K Out of The Way Moves . . .
A 19" Borrani with my preferred Avon 3.50 leads the way.  I've never had any issues with the Avon Speedmaster tires.  I can change it easily with common tire tools.  I can carry (1)ea 19" tube with metal center valve (which could work on the rear too).  Cycle Electric generator and Lockhart oil cooler(with cover for temps under 75 degrees F) keeps things safe and reliable.  I run Autolite 4316 plugs almost exclusively.  Many miles I've gone on my ironhead Sportster.  I just love this thing.  It's a testament to H-D engineers, H-D service manuals . . and American-Made motorcycle parts of the 1960s. For short trips, bar hoppin' or traveling . . . it's a great combination.


Bastard said...

A combination that works is a beautiful thing.
I always wanted a Sportster.. Not enough money
when I was young.. Now I'm just too old and fat.

Maybe that's the way it's supposed to be.. I would
have missed lots of flathead adventures I had been
able to have a Sportster..

When I was fresh out of the Army..The coolest cats
had Sportsters.. And they were VERY fast...Ah, the
dreams of youth....

Noot said...

Harley 45s will give you adventure for sure. I found roads I never knew existed riding a flathead.