360+ Miles of Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin

I didn't have a whole lot of time to take my hands off the handlebars . . . but, I had a great ride.  After blowin' through the Canadian fire smoke on Saturday morning (near Kenyon, MN), the sky cleared off and I made it to White Bear Lake and hooked up with a couple old panheads for a river run.
Dave had to tighten one bolt . . . then lunch near Diamond Bluff.
Pat & Rebecca(Did I spell it right?) gave me the grand tour . . . 
we rode into the night.
Over winding blacktops, through the woods, down dirt roads . . . 
even over sidewalks !
We kept it movin' . . .
We came rippin' into Bellechester . . . fashionably late.
The Chubs rocked it . . . bottles passed around.
Was I worried?  Nah, my tent was out back.
Me & Whitey shut it down . . . Where'd that Crown go ?
The crazy kids even met me for breakfast in Zumbro Falls,
 makin' sure I was ready for the ride back . . .
Thanks for the fun . . . see you soon.  -Noot

 PS. Mac's is a neat place (unless the dam breaks)


pat said...

Good Spelling and a Good Time!
Glad you made the trip Noot!

Hux said...

Looks killer!