Arizona: A little bit of everything . . .

I did my yearly trip to Arizona to visit my son and his wife. . . see some sights, eat some food, drink a couple beers and fit in some "bike stuff" . . . fun times.
Eric at Phoenix International Raceway (just down the street)
From the Phoenix Police Museum (not good on a hot day in Phoenix)
Sunday we took a road trip to Tombstone & Bisbee . . .

Monday, I gave Eric a break, and went to work for Jeremiah.

 These heads had never been apart . . . for his Born Free build.
Plenty of projects . . .so he put me to work !
He machined and pressed steel seats on Andre's ironheads.
I got to install new guides !  I could work here !
Move to Arizona . . . hmmmmm? 
 Plenty of projects all around . . .
He's got "the muscle" for all your vintage motorcycle needs.
  . . . then Joel came by to help too.  
You may have seen his supercharged BSA at this
year's 'Builders' show in Texas ? 
A lifetime of projects awaits !

 Ice cold water - always - at Love Cycles 
It's the . . .
"The Hottest Shop in the Country" 

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Hux said...

That kid use to hustle me for Mt Dews at your Dads shop....seems like forever ago.