Harley KHK Racer

I had a total of one-hour to mess with my KHK project.  Time management is important if you want to get your work done . . . especially when you have a father's day get-together, Greene River Days, lawn mowing, workin' on your friend's motors, etc.
Got the front-end set up.  20wt PJ-1.  Lowered for proper height.  Centered.  Tightened.  NOS 35mm Target Fork Stops.  Betor (Made-in-Spain)
Mock up exhaust pipes . . . pretty cool huh?  

Intake adapter (for a Danny Delorto PHM or Sudco Mikuni flat-slide)
Left peg mount.  Steel spacers.  Hopefully strong enough for a Size 14 Fox boot with steel shoe?
 Still a long way to go . . . All the little stuff.


Kevin Anderson said...

Have you ever run a Dellorto PHM with accelerator pump on any of your bikes?

Noot said...

Yes - they work great !