Gettin' what ya pay for . . .

During oil changes, I dump in my quart of oil.  I let it sit, for a minute or two - then after it's pretty much all gone, I add the next quart to the tank.  All my "empty" quarts I turn-em-upside down in my Ratio Rite.  Almost every time, it drains an additional 1.50 to 1.75 fluid oz. per quart.  It's like your cat licking out the ice cream carton . . . there's more in there !
"Did someone say ice cream?"

PS.  Morty Spring Pest Control Totals :
2ea birds
1ea big rabbit
2ea little rabbits(don't wanna call 'em babies)
1ea jack squirrel
. . . and Morty is an "old timer !"

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