Byron Meltdown Drags Road Trippin'

After riding through a little wind and misty rain . . . I made a stop in Galena, Illinois.  My bike is running great, except my brake light quit . .

At the track I found Hartman's bike pretty quick . . . then here he comes in his Henry J . . . !

The drags run "heads-up" all day and into the night.  Over 600 entries.  Lee ran his knucklehead . . . Andrezzi was there too . . . Flathead running over 100mph . . . Vintage gassers going 7.50 in 1320.  Vintage, period survivor original race cars.  A decent swap meet and car show too !  This event was really well organized, they kept it moving.  The announcer was excellent !

Kurpius, Warren, Lil' Chris & Dan(cool cat, nice to meet ya). . . . came to join the party.  Me and Ryan were racin' through the Illinois countryside after the races Friday Nite.  Lighting mechanicals.  Dark river roads.  We all flew through the gritty backstreets of Rockford, Illinois . . . The Rue ! . . . Drew's garage . . . cops, fireworks . . . and a couple choppers in the grass.  These guys roll hard.  Kinda nuts. Thanks for the fun fellas !
Respectfully & Yours Truly, -Noot

It wouldn't be a party without some pyro . . . and the cops showin' up.  Thanks Drew !
Sunny skies, the wind at my back . . . and a stop in Savanna, IL at the Iron Horse just in time for the afternoon band and a cold one.  A bar full of vintage race bikes - doesn't get much better than that . . .

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