Chopper Challenges

I took a gallon milk jug and filled it with water.  I poured it into this stainless water container, and it left about 1 1/2" in the jug.  It holds a bit less than a gallon of fuel. I've had to use it a couple times.  Tiny Tank Club.
What to bring ?
1. Tools (most important) 
2. Spares (2nd most important)
3. Leather Jacket
4. Sleeping Bag & Tent
5. Rain Suit
6. Creature Comforts (last)
Chopper Travel is an adventure.  It's one of the more challenging methods of travel next to hiking, or long range bicycling.  Very little suspension.  No wind-breaks.  No rain protection.
Foot clutch.  Hand shift.  Minimal fuel range. 
65+ year old engine and transmission design.  
Steel footpegs.  Solid mount handlebars.
50+ year old rider getting physically (and mentally) prepared for a 1600+ mile trip.
Wish you were going with me . . .
It's really a lot of fun !


pat said...

Safe Travels Noot!

Noot said...

Hop on the Double D, all old sickles goin' this year - '69 or older.