New Skid Lid: Bell Vortec

I've now tested this helmet in all types of weather.  Hot sun, cold, wind and rain.  I really like it.
The Positive:
- Air vents actually work !
- Provision for headphones, etc.
- "Arai-type" interior liner
- Webbing on top keeps air flowing over your head
- Secure strap Thru 2 - Back Thru 1 ring-type neck strap.
(no weird restraint method like some helmets)
- Tear-Off Posts on dark smoke shield (not too dark either)
- Tough outside graphic and paint job
(I dropped it and the scratches wiped right off)
- Fits your size - Accurate sizing.
The Negative: 
- Kinda noisy (so I stuffed dense foam in the I-Pod ear ports)
- Physically big (I look a bit like a cartoon character as
it makes my head look even bigger, I wear a 61mm XL) 
Possibly due to it's ability to
meet the Snell, etc. ratings for safety . . ?

Bugs wipe off easy !
Looks even better with some COC, FTW & SM stickies . . .

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