Cedar River Harley-Davidson Shop: Open House

The local Harley dealer had a customer appreciation day . . . and made it real easy to come out and hang around, eat some smoked pork (heck, take 2 or 3), drink a cold beverage - they even had ice cream !
I rode the WLA out . . . A bit cloudy in the morning(for hot coffee) gave way to some sun in the afternoon(for a cold drink).  The crowd slowly rolled in for the poker run and demo rides.
 The one-man-band rocked it all day long, and never played a song I didn't like.  He was great !
 Sekar servin' up that great smoked pork . . .
Zimmer grabs a cold one . . . 
For a smaller shop, they offer a decent selection of leathers, hoodies and shirts.  I'm usually hangin' in the service department, but found myself checkin' out some new H-D threads !
 Usually, I see Justin building big-bores . . .
Today he was back changing rubber.
The Dyno Room
Ed fixin' some exhaust.  
The Service Dept. is often called upon to assist travelers
just passin' thru . . .
 Hey Kelly, how's your sandwich ?
I liked this new custom . . . I could ride this !  Nice !
Sales Staff photo op.
Check their website for sales and inventory, 
or call Clint at (641)228-2192 for the latest trades and new 2017s !
Clint will take trades on cars, trucks, boats or your lake house !
Morgan wit set yup wid sum rad threads !
 Hickle sneaked in for the free food . . . goin' incognito . . .

 They've got vintage rides to look at too, memorabilia . . .
some of which could be in a museum.
That black panhead is FOR SALE !
Nick Franke (Service Manager-left) doesn't seem convinced . . . 
 My dad (Noot Sr.) is retired, but still likes to help out . . .
 When I said they'll deal on American muscle, I was serious.
I dig that Firebird.

Tom "Hawk" Minert has been into Harley-Davidsons for over 50 years.  He's built this shop into a solid business that offers competitive prices and great service . . . plan to stop in sometime, always something new to look it.  It's located just west of Charles City, Iowa (on the Avenue of the Saints).  It's sort of like a ranch out here with a long white fence and green pastures . . .
and a rooster hangin' around.
(I promise no high pressure, they're real relaxed as you can tell)
Come out and see us . . .
Cedar River Harley-Davidson Shop
1750 Cedar View Road
Charles City, Iowa USA 50616
Ph (641)228-2192

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