Davenport Swap, Race, Party, Sleep?

I'd like to first say it was great to see some of my best 2-wheeled friends like Ricky, Amber, Hux, Sonny, Steve & Toby, Jeff & Fatty, Jordan, Klein & Co., Warren & Kendall, Jeremiah Love, Julie, Hartman, Drew, Jeremiah & Carney, Pete, Dave, Nick Haint, DA & Cyn, Griz, and many others (Hey Sid !) who . . . I'd like to say thank you for taking the time to come and hang out . . . and catch up.  It was really really fun.  Warren won his class after a little bit of hassle, but totally worth it.  The weather held out - and a good time was had by all.  Ridiculously awesome this year !
 Mike Lange (far side) super-tunes this vintage racer . . .
 Jeremiah phones home . .  "Davenport, Iowa !"
(I know where he got that shirt)
 Terry takes the checkers !  Again !
 Trying to change Warren's flat (I had a spare tube and irons in my saddlebag).
Me & Bake went to work . . . but the damn thing popped again !
Racing is hard work . . 
(photo by FTW Fatty) 
 When Jeff Wright lit-it-up by the bathrooms . . . I knew it was time for bed.
Early AM after pizza . . .
See ya'll soon !  Respectfully, -Noot

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