H-D Part No. 165-32

70+ year old product . . . still in the package.  Unwrap the cosmoline and oiled wax paper - and the valves are still new.  No rust or corrosion.  Made with the highest quality.  New old stock, right off the shelf.  Preserved in time.  Only the Egyptians could do it better.   
Genuine Motor Factory Replacement Parts
Cosmoline: Was first developed as a petroleum based product for military storage applications requiring a rust inhibitor.  It has a thick, oily wax-type viscosity.  It can be removed by scraping, or applying gentle heat, and washed off completely with common light solvents.  A song was sung by GIs that "cosmoline" will keep my weapon clean . .  ! . . .

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Brad Cramer said...

Used to store our stamping dies and injection molds with the stuff, way back in time. Newer products made clean up for production easier and faster. But like you say, 70 yr old parts, now thats a testament.