Moments in Time

 Brad Baker's 450 before he crashed out of the lead . . .
Springfield All-Star Short Track 2016
 '64 XLH and Jeremiah Armenta at Davenport, Iowa
 Buchanan's Spoke debacle
 My great uncle, Billy Strauser of Wolf Point, Montana
 Ken Pressgrove and H-D KR750
 Gary Nixon and tuner . . . and a cigarette
 Wrong manifold for this ULH
Preserving American Heritage !
Clifford Vaughs in white pants (photo by Danny Lyon)


Bastard said...

Hey Noot, I'll put that manifold on for ya...Just a wee bit of file work..Ha!
I put a UL manifold on my UL barrels which are on VL cases...And so I know
with your vast experience...This one ain't no problem....Love your website.
It's as cool as Steve McQueen......

Noot said...

Those manifolds can all look the same, but there sure is a bunch 'o different ones.