My Old Basement

My (very old) real estate abstract shows a "building foundation" permit issued in 1873.  Another permit issued in 1876 and one in 1899.  This place has been here a long time, since the founding.  Wild Bill was still alive when they broke ground.  One of the first homes of the city.  The basement has no drain.  It stays dry unless we have 8+ inches of rain in 24hrs, then it can get damp.  It's always cold down here, and very quiet.
It has a certain historical vibe to it.  It took years of conditions to get this vibe.

I was going to mud and paint the walls - seal it all up - but, that would: A. Require me to do a lot of work and B. Take away the feeling and the look.  It gives the spiders and millipedes a place to hide. Maybe a colored light in a corner, with a bar stool ?

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