Harley-Davidson WR750

The rear-exhaust lower tappet cover gave me fits of frustration.  The lowers are reproduction, and may be thicker than the originals?  The covers are tight and close tolerance.  I had to remove the rear cylinder a couple times, and fit everything.  I used a 26" X 1.75 bicycle tire tube, and sectioned it for the rubber center dust covers . . . just like the old days of dirt racing !
Noot Sr. completely disassembled the original WICO Magneto, replaced the fiber drive block, tested it, tuned it - and now she throws violent, but controlled spark.  These Wicos have a rotor, and function similar to an auto distributor - and spark single-fire.  You need to hook the plugs wires on the correct cylinder, or she'll run really funny. 

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