Sunday Dirt Runner

The closest thing I have to a dirt bike at the moment.  I saw rooster(pheasants) in the fields, hen(pheasants) in the ditches, deer in the woods and bass in the rivers and streams.  The roads were all empty.  No hunters or fishers?  I rode up trails, grassland and checked all the campgrounds, all empty.  All to myself.  A beautiful day, but folks put their stuff away a bit early this year.  The WLA was comfortable and ran flawlessly. Whoever designed these 45s did their homework.

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Lisa Ballard said...

Hello Noot, I would like to know if I can add your blog to the blogdump on Your blog would automatically feed into the system, so there's no extra work on your end. We are currently seeking blogs that remain active and cater to motorcycles, which your's does. Let me know your thoughts, Lisa