The story of this star hub . . .

It all started with a bent up, bone stock, early 1954 wishbone frame.  Should I sell it?  Should I fix it and sell it?  Should I fix it and keep it?  I had the frame repaired. The wheels were set in motion - and This hub was the very next part I purchased from Les (of the Waterloo, Iowa variety). The hub was all greased, and upon dis-assembly, I discovered the smaller race was all pitted, and worn to the point that +.002 oversize rollers were still too loose - AND the flange was bent.  Shit. Should I scrap it?  Fix it?
1. I decide to try and straighten the flange in a press.  After a lot of messin' around - I successfully straightened the flange !
2. Now I decide to attempt a procedure where you machine out the
1 1/2" bearing surface, and press in a 1 1/2" rod bearing race from a center 45" connecting rod.  After careful measuring, I estimate I'll have enough "meat metal" remaining for this procedure to work.  McFarland indicated the hub in his big lathe, turned out the bearing surface, and gave me the proper press fit for the new race.  I utilized my Sunnen hone to size the race - and now it's all assembled, end play set, new rollers and ready for spokes.   I saved this hub.  An original star hub is a beautiful thing on the front of an old panhead. 

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