Baas Racing

Kevin's motor . . . oh brother . . . everything, almost every part has some sort of defect.  I've been working on the gear cover.  The clutch cable boss was broken off.  Dustin did a really nice job fixing the boss, and blending it back in as original to fit the stock cable.
A couple cam bushings were undersize, so they need a reamer.  I just happened to have the correct reamer (reamer was purchased at The Red Barn Antique Flea Market in Florida about 10 years ago) The reamer was one of those purchases that were like, "Maybe I'll need this someday?"
I might mix up a runny, slurry lapping compound and lap in all the cams and gears?  What do you think?  It makes a mess, but with mis-matched cams, it may be necessary for a smoother running gear case.  Quiet, more power, less breakage.  I've never done it before, this would be a good test, since I just have bushings(no needle rollers).  Maybe do it without the oil pump installed, to keep compound out of that . . . Hmmmmm?
The bottom, left corner was broken off, so I smoothed it out a bit.  I'll install (and hone if necessary) a new(NOS) shifter shaft bushing.  Bass Racing !  Go Kevin Go !


Kevin Baas said...

Right on buddy. Thanks for all your work can't wait to rip in this!

Noot said...

You'll rip, no doubt about that, I've seen you do barrels !