Cam Repair: Baas Racing

This KHK camshaft was heavily pitted on each end from corrosion.  The cams ride in bushings on these motors, so a small amount of pitting is still usable.  These were bad.  I had McFarland machine down the pitted end, and make a new sleeve that pressed on, giving us a smooth surface again.  We fixed 3 of the cams, made a complete shaft for one (since these shafts can be pressed out) - and now Kevin has a fresh set of cams (which are hard to find) for his '55KH.


lucky23design said...

Wow, nice work!

Bastard said...

Noot, Could ya please post a photo of the intake lobes?? PLEASE! I have
a set of new VL blanks and was told the KHK is the perfect profile for a
big inch VL... TANKS! Blindmelon from LBMC

Noot said...

Uh, ok - my camera needs new batteries - but I'm on it . . .

Bastard said...


I lost your email.....So, when ya get a minute email me I'll send you photos of my VJ hillclimb
cams in exchange for a photo of a KHK intake..I purchased two
sets of unfininshed cams and need a sample lobe..I don't need
spec's.. I'm sure Paul, yeah the guy from S.Africa who's makin'
all the fast flatheads these days will know if he can recut
my VJ lobes into KHK lobes.....Many thanks in advance..
I'm running out of time do age and need to get this project done
and tested in the next 12 months or so.........TANKS.

Blindmelon aka Bastard
Lucky Bastards MC
And AMCA #944