Rowe USA ( Out of Business )

Rowe has been closed for a couple years now.  They manufactured great products.  Excellent quality.  I'm a 2nd generation family member (user) of Rowe products.  We've installed hundreds of valves and guides.  The parts were plentiful, but now they're becoming scarce.  I have these cast iron Intake guides for Ironhead XLs . . . and (2) of them will be used in Eric's build - then I'm down to 3 . . . then 1 . . . then none.  Even their name etched on the guides is Quality. 
Quality in the Name: Rowe USA
Mr. Rowe graciously retired . . . and he couldn't find anyone to buy the business, so he closed.  Crap, for the rest of us . . . but please enjoy your retirement - you earned it.

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