Dave Barr is Riding the Edge

The first time I read this book, I somehow got Dave Barr's email, and he called me at work.  Holy Crap . . . it's Dave Barr on the phone !  We chatted, and it was way cool for him to call me(some nobody) and talk about his trip.  Now I'm reading it again. (every morning for 1/2 hr. before work) . . . and like any great book - it's better the second time (since I'm a shitty reader anyway).
I've been inspired, and educated by Dave Barr in many ways.  Because of Mr. Barr, I've become more Active - and less Stagnant.  Life is short, and if you're sitting on your ass, you can't get that day back.  I'm more careful with money.  I exercise more.  Small, problem issues don't bother Dave Barr(he may disagree) - and I try not to let them bother me.  It's a great book.
Before I knew the book existed, I saw him talking at a dealer show one year, not knowing who he was.  Dave Barr is a fighter and stands up for what he believes in . . . and a really nice dude too, just to call me up that day.  Thanks again Dave.  I'm at the paragraph where you're riding through Iowa right now . . . which I know was 'cake' compared to rest of the trip.  Incredible Reading !

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Hux said...

He was interviewed for the feature length film Why We Ride and his segment and the passion he expressed was profound. Enjoy the book....Ill have to check it out myself.